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tv   Action News at 11PM  ABC  September 30, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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strongest hurricanes in the last decade. i will have the latest track in
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all new at 11:00 the latest track for hurricane matthew just released minutes ago. and within the last few hours, matthew now gaining strength and is now a category 5. good evening. i'm jamison uhler. >> i'm wendy ryan. thanks for joining let's get over to chief meteorologist denis phillips. >> this has been an insane 24 hours. 24 hours ago this was a category 1 hurricane. in 24 hours it has gone from a 1 to a 5. that is almost unheard of. there is your center. it is moving due west now at 7 miles per hour. now, the big question not only is how strong it will get, but i think even the bigger question is where is it going. this is the updated track. now the one thing that is very,
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a category 4 hurricane over jamaica by monday afternoon. the forward speed is slowed down a little bit. not the speed of the storm. how fast it's moving. once it goes over cuba it will likely weaken. but notice this. this track has not changed from the earlier track. there's been a lot of buzz and questions about whether it's going to get closer to florida. at this point in time the hurricane center clearly said we have not changed our track, and for very good reason. if you look at models, there's the 5, it extends the majority go into the bahamas. whether or not it goes up to the north and impact the northeast, which is a possibility, or stalls out in the bahamas that, too, a possibility. we'll talk more in detail with my forecast in a couple of minutes. >> thanks denis. breaking news out of california tonight protesters taking to the streets of el cajon outside of san diego for the fourth straight night following a deadly police shooting of an
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>> tonight's protest just hours after police released new video of that shooting. the video is making some even angrier. we want to warn you some may find it disturbing. that was cell phone video. you can see him walking by a truck with his sister, yelling as officers approach him, guns drawn. one officer fires four shots, another officer tasers him. police say the man quickly pulled something from his waistband later found e-cigarette. there's not yet been a decision made on whether either officer will be charged. more breaking news, we're learning florida was among the dozens of states hackers tried to attack in hopes of getting into voter registration databases. the tampa bay times reporting the fbi spoke with all 67 county supervisors today about ensuring the safety of all ballots ahead of the election.
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the swing states both candidates are focusing on in this election. no blocks allowed. sounds like a policy from decades ago but sadly it's happening in polk county. michael paluska has been going through a lawsuit failed by the department of justice and explains how investigators say they discovered the discrimination. >> reporter: the lawsuit filed in district court today is pretty straightforward. it says that when white people came here to this mobile-home park to buy a helped. when black customers showed up they weren't. no homes, fewer mobile homes, higher prices, and worst financial terms are the tactics this lawsuit says the owners of this park used to keep blacks vought their community. the justice department's civil rights division going undercover at the property in lakeland, florida sending in potential white buyers right after potential black buyers, the investigation finding that between july and november of
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cathy plant and the managers of the park violated the fair housing act. authorities say the three tried to pick and choose homebuyers in their community based solely on race. so what's next for the owners? the lawsuit is asking for a jury trial and for any monetary damages to be paid back to anyone would came here and wasn't helped. we're in lakeland in polk county, michael paluska. police in melbourne looking for thieves targeting tourists. one victim was in town for a funeral. a 75-year-old north florida man facing charges for allegedly molesting boys at a boy scout camp. he volunteered as the director at that camp. police say they arrested the man after boys say he slapped them on the buttocks. police found pictures of scouts in their hammocks on his phone.
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good samaritan who saved a member of their family after he suffered a see sure. look at the images. you see it is really totaled. abc action news reporter marisela burgos live with more on who saved him out there. marisela. >> reporter: just an hour ago william land found out that two people stopped, one person stopped and couldn't get to him, and then a firefighter pulled him out of this retention pond. it is a miracle he is alive because a post just like this one went right windshield. william land has lived with epilepsy since he was 12. sometimes he can remember a seizure. but he doesn't remember the one on wednesday. >> i realize how lucky i was. i shouldn't be here. >> reporter: william was driving his sister's jeep on i- 4 when he had a seizure near exit 33. he went off the road and crashed. but he didn't know how bad
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over me and guided that vehicle just in the right direction. >> reporter: a metal post pierced the passenger's seat of the jeep after he knocked down a fence. >> this was the closest he's ever come to leaving us. >> reporter: the jeep landed in a retention pond. >> i would have been down, if he hadn't come out. >> his family wants to find good samaritan who helped rescue him. >> i want to tell him how special they are and that they was there on that road for a reason. >> i would love to meet them and give them a big hug because if it wasn't for them i probably wouldn't be here. >> reporter: williams says he hadn't had a seizure for six months which is why he got his license back a few weeks ago but because this happened and
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to surrender that license. marisela burgos, abc action news. two students in central florida facing charges for wearing masks and scaring classmates. lake county high was already on high alert because of social media threats saying clowns would harm students. abc action news reporter cameron polom speaking with parents who didn't let the fear of them from friday night lights. >> reporter: whether you're afraid or not -- >> i ink in the's -- i think it's kind of scary and crazy at the same time. >> reporter: the creepy clown hoax hitting too close to comfort for some. >> i thought it was funny because it's kind of dumb for people to dress up like a clown and threaten a school. >> reporter: officials sent out
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a creepy clown phenomenon that is sweeping the country. this morning a tweet posted the threat about high schools. >> reporter: officials didn't believe the threats were credible but employees and students were told to be on the lookout. the sheriff's office says clown sightings have been reported across the bay area over the past few days. one largo teen claiming she was chased by two clowns at a bus stop earlier in the week. >> i just said if you see something, definitely say so they will remain vigilant and be passing that message on to their children heading into the weekend. >> to think that you can't even feel safe with your kids going to school these days, i'm terrified to walk out my door sometimes. >> reporter: cameron polom, abc action news. still much more all new ahead, the unbelievable thing that wells fargo did to troops
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. new tonight california's governor signing into law sex crime bills stemming from the broc turner case. one of the laws expands the definition of rape and the other imposes a mandatory prison sentence. turner a former stanford university swimmer served just three months in jail for raping a 23-year-old unconscious woman. turner's case gained national attention because of his lenient sentence. the laws go into effect on january 1st. a homework assignment not sitting well with everyone. a high school teacher giving
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privilege survey. the teacher stands by the survey saying the point is to start a conversation and provoke thought. well, it certainly did. parents are starting that conversation both for and against it. the trial for a georgia man accused of deliberately leaving his son in a hot car and killing him begins on monday. justin ross harris is charged with murder in the death of his 22-mthcooper who unhappy in his marr seeking other relationships at the time his son died. they say he googled hot car deaths prior to his son's death. harris maintains it was all just an accident. in knock address 2016 donald trump getting some nigh debate, the commission admittins not working properly' claimed. but the problem only affected those in the debate hall. the audio on tv was fine.
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thoughts were sniffles. today alicia machado responded saying she will not be bullied or silenced this after trump tweeted out a series of attacks in the early morning hours. he referred to uthere is no evi one actually exists. according to clinton's campaign manager the candidate called machado today to thank her for her courage. clinton saying machado deserves praise for standing up to showdown while stumping in south florida today. >> he finds it a lot easier to insult women than to talk to the president of next co about building a wall! i mean, really, who gets up at 3:00 in the morning to engage in a twitter attack? >> clinton went on to repeat
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sun hinged, even for trump. take a look at this. a casual moment between two former presidents, video showing president obama boarding air force one after a funeral for former president shimon peres, but he can't take off until his friend former president bill clinton gets back on more trouble for wells fargo the bank illegally repossessing cars owned by active duty members of the military from 2008 to 2015. wells fargo will pay $10,000 to each of the affect service members plus lost equity in the cars with interest and will to have repair their credit. we're always taking action for you keeping an eye on jobs and ways to help you make ends meet. tonight we found a company that
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vacation. the software company reimbursing employees up to $2,000 for vacation costs. the only catch here, bamboo hr is based in utah. a study released in june says 55% of americans actually left vacation days on the table last year. if you plan on visiting new york this year, well, you might want to add this to your places to go. the iconic carnegie deli. it is closing its doors at the end of the since 137. >> how is that even possible? >> i know. whatever you are doing, stop and take a look at this. 23 fluffy adorable baby pandas all under four months old making their debut in china. he's so excited, he face planted right off the table. 23 brave babies. don't worry, the baby is okay. chinese officials credit improvement in breeding technology. >> they are so cute.
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>> then they grow up. >> but i still want to take one home. >> speaking of blowing up -- >> this went from a one to a five in a day. >> which is almost unheard of. it's the strongest hurricane we've had in the atlantic since 2007. that was hurricane felix. and it's probably reached its peak, which is more than fine enough for us, right? you're looking at what is an extremely powerful hurricane. the big question, of course, where is it going. we in a couple of minutes. i want to focus in on what's happening locally. there are still a few showers out there. even one little -- two lightning strikes near the skyway. some heavier rains northwestern manatee county. a few showers in pasco and polk. some drier air is moving in especially across our northern counties. i think the weekend is actually looking rather nice for most of the area north of i-four. still a few isolated showers are in the cards south of that front or what was left of that
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there it is. temperatures still comfortable in the mid to upper 70s. the difference subpoena north look at the green color up there. cooler and dryer. not this go around. but if we're lucky believe it or not, if matthew moves up the eastern seaboard it would actually bring us some cooler, drier air rolling in by the end of next week. but that's a long way away. we've got plenty to talk about before that. 80 from tampa to clear water to st. pete under partly cloudy skies. there's the satellite. we've had that winds out ahead of a front. that cool front sort of draping across our northern counties. out ahead there's still enough moisture to spawn the showers and storms but there's that dry air i talked about. as you can see, it's across our northern counties. rain chances will be a little higher down south of i-4 tomorrow and again on sunday. a little lower in our northern counties. then actually i think by monday everybody kind of gets back in the act. i don't think it will be a huge deal. obviously what happens with
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i'm not talking about a storm moving into the gulf of mexico. i'm just talking about some moisture kicking across the state, and that's a possibility, along with wind by wednesday and thursday. tomorrow morning waking up to a nice start. partly sunny. it will be pleasant, cool 60s in our northern counties, low to mid-70s elsewhere. still can't rule out a few showers tomorrow but not many. east to west flow begins to set in by late tomorrow, and again on wednesday. or rather on sunday. so that means the timing of you are going to see sunny skies tomorrow, sunny skies on sunday. both dance in morning, and then by the afternoon into the evening, maybe a few more storms. could be an issue for the bucs game yet again in the second half. but we will see how that plays out. all right, recon, the latest recon is leaving the storm, but they're pretty much flying in continuously now, and winds between 150 and 160 miles per hour.
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this is an extremely powerful hurricane. now, where is it going, and in terms of the timing, that's the big question. the bad news is, it looks like this is going to go pretty much right on top of jamaica. remember, kingston jamaica has over a million people in that city. it has been a long time since it has been hit by this powerful a hurricane from the south. most of time they come in from the east. this will just add energy, fuel, and surge. so this could be a major disaster for the island of jamaica monday it will weaken when it crosses cuba. but this is the area that we have to watch. now i will say it again. none of the reliable models are bringing this into the gulf of mexico. let's throw that off the table right now. what we have to focus on is what we think could happen in this cone of uncertainty. is it possible this could get very close to the state of florida on the east side? sure, it is. the models aren't showing that
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updating you with live facebook clast as well. spaghetti molds show a lot of agreement but there are a few closer to the east coast of florida. i will say it again. there are none that bring this into the gulf of mexico. the bigger question in my mind is, is it going to go and stall out in the bahamas like the european model shows, or is it going to go up the eastern seaboard like the gfs, the u.s.a. model shows, which brings it into new england bth next week. a big difference between the two. that is something we will have to watch closely into early next week. we're not going to have an answer on this until the middle of next week. it is going to be around that long. it is going to be a powerful hurricane most of that time. there's a look at florida's most accurate forecast. better chance the middle of next week and as i said, if matthew goes up the eastern seaboard some drier air comes
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buccaneers. wait until you see how the red sox are honoring david ortiz.
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. hi everyone. thanks for stopping by. two weeks ago doug martin's production for the buccaneers took a big hit when martin injured his hamstring in arizona. he missed last weekend's game and now you can add this weekend's broncos game to that list. martin will not play against denver. he is not the only buc would is out. cecil shorts, robert heirs and luke stocker will miss games as well. as for sunday's game no, one saw broncos simian have this much success. he lit up the offense last week. he flew up the depth chart so fast. >> how many times do you see guy that went from third on the depth chart to first?
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that. i've seen a guy go from third to second or second to first but go third to first, probably played his best game last week soft off to a good start for sure. speaking of quarterbacks, willie taggart's qb is going to need a better performance tomorrow at cincinnati than what we saw last weekend. flowers may have wracked up 300 yards against fsu but he struggled mightily through the air. twice. overall tag gert has been pleased with his quarterback's performance through four games. but there is still a lot of room for improvement. >> decision making-wise, i think he could be better. i think those two picks were bad. it was all decisions. it was those things where you make up your mind before the ball, and you just can't do that. when we see the bad d throws, it's usually that, sothing surprising, and it shouldn't surprise him.
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at 7:00. florida is at vanderbilt while florida state hosts north carolina. rays are in their final stretch of the 2016 campaign with their final series in the lone star start beginning tonight. matt andreas didn't pitch bad tonight for the rays but he did give up three runs including this carlos beltran solo shot. laserred down the right field line and gone for his 29th of the year rangers leading 2-0 in the 8th,3-1. nick franklin cannot bring longoria home. matt bush gets him to fly out. rangers clinch home field for the postseason. when derek jeter and mariano rivera did their
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ton of gifts but fought like this. the crew made this grass portrait of "big papi." take a look. this piece of art took about an hour to make using a special machine that cuts a digital picture in the grass. but unlike jeter and rivera's gifts, ortiz obviously can't take this home. two games left in his regular season campaign before playoffs begin in a week. the lightning win in carolina in the third preseason game, and andrej plot provid after the first round of the ryder cup u.s. leads 5-3. stay tuned. we're back after this final time-out. closed captioning is brought to you by lakeland
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. we have some breaking news right now. the fbi in hillsborough county and hazmat on the scene at the mosaic site in lithia.
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scene. we will have the latest on abc action news tomorrow morning also on our free app. there's a last look at hurricane matthew. i think we're going to see it a billion times over the next week. it is going to be moving through. shay will be here in the morning. i will be here this weekend as well. hopefully our local weather will
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